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Frequently Asked Questions

What is organic meat?

Please see Our Standards for detailed information on the benefits of 100 percent organic, humanely-raised meats.

Where does Greensbury meat come from?

The Greensbury Market team is dedicated to finding the best-tasting meats from a network of small USDA Certified Organic Farms. We choose only the safest products for you and your family, working with a network of farmers we trust.

How do I know it’s safe?

All of Greensbury Market’s meats are packed in a USDA Certified Organic facility and have been inspected and labeled USDA organic. Additionally, our meats are frozen at the height of freshness, which is the safest choice. The vacuum seal ensures safe handling.

What if I receive something that I am not satisfied with?

At Greensbury Market, we guarantee great taste and peace of mind. We will refund or replace any purchase if you are not 100% satisfied. Contact us with any concerns via our convenient online customer service form.

What is marbling?

In beef, the term marbling refers to the pattern and amount of fat that runs through the steak. It appears as small white flecks running through the beef. Marbling gives flavor and tenderness to the steak. A beautifully-marbled steak is high in quality and tastes delicious.

What are my shipping options?

All Greensbury Market’s products ship via UPS. There are a variety of shipping options available to you, including Saturday delivery. You will have the ability to select your shipping method and corresponding shipping cost prior to purchase. Please see below for more answers to questions about shipping and delivery.

How do I track my package?

At Greensbury Market, tracking your package is simple. Create an account or log in to your existing account in the My Account section of the website. From there, you can retrieve your UPS tracking number. You will also receive a confirmation email from UPS including your tracking number.

How are Greensbury Market products delivered?

All Greensbury Market products are packed in a Greensbury insulated cooler with enough dry ice to ensure the products remain sufficiently frozen during shipping. We guarantee our products will arrive in perfect condition.

Do I need to be home to receive my package?

One of the many conveniences of ordering from Greensbury Market is that we package your products in a Greensbury insulated cooler with dry ice. Your package will remain sufficiently frozen until it is delivered and for the rest of that day.

What if there isn’t any dry ice in the cooler?

The Greensbury Market packaging experts use the recommended amount of dry ice for every shipment. Occasionally, you will find that the ice has melted by the time you receive your delivery, especially in extremely warm weather. This is not uncommon and no cause for concern, as long as the product still feels cool to the touch.

How long will my meats remain fresh?

As long as the products remain in their original Greensbury Market vacuum-sealed packaging, they remain perfect in your freezer for up to six months. Defrost Greensbury meats in your refrigerator. Meats sealed in the original packaging will stay fresh in your refrigerator for up to five days. Try not to refreeze meat once it is defrosted, to ensure quality and safety.

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