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    What is organic and beyond

    At Greensbury Market, we believe in meeting and exceeding the standards of organic     certification, carefully searching for and selecting small American farms that produce exceptional     food, are proactive stewards of the environment, and uphold animal welfare to the highest degree.

    The organic movement greatly improved the quality of food and the responsibility of its     production. We simply believe there’s still room for improvement. Our carefully-chosen, small     family farms do things the old-fashioned way, caring for their land and livestock with passion,     pride, and humanity. In many cases, their farm is their home – where they’ve raised their families     for generations – and our farmers take care of their homes.

    Superior Taste and Tenderness

    Greensbury Market carefully selects and works closely with farmers that raise their livestock and     poultry with a strong emphasis on taste. One of our farmers admitted to spending more than 15     years fine-tuning the different types of grasses, plants, and alfalfas he feeds his cattle to find the     perfect combination. These proprietary diets are a special source of pride for farmers, the way an     artisan chef will take great care in producing an original sauce. These rich and nutritious     combinations of fresh plants stimulate the animals’ appetites, and they put on a healthy amount of     weight. When it comes to meat, more weight means greater marbling, which means greater flavor     and tenderness.

    Greater Nutritional Value

    All Greensbury products are raised without synthetic growth hormones or antibiotics, and each     one is fed a 100% vegetarian diet.


    Grass-fed, pasture-raised beef is among the healthiest sources of protein on the planet. Compared     to grain-fed, commercial beef, Greensbury products offer more “good” (unsaturated) fats and     fewer “bad” (saturated) fats. Grass-fed beef can also contain up to one third less fat in comparison     to a similar cut from a grain-fed animal. Because they are lower in fat than grain-fed animals,     grass-fed meats are lower in calories, too.

    Grass-fed beef also has two to four times more Omega-3s than meat from grain-fed animals.     Omega-3s are heart-friendly “good fats” that play a vital role in every cell of the body. People with     high amounts of Omega-3s in their diets are less     likely to have high blood pressure, and are 50%     less likely to suffer a heart attack. Omegas-3s are also essential for proper brain function, and may     reduce the risk of cancer.

    Additionally, grass-fed meats are also one of the richest sources of conjugated linoleic acids     (CLAs), providing three to five times more than grain-fed products. CLAs may be one of our most     potent defenses against cancer. Research has shown that women with high levels of CLA in their     diets have a 60% lower risk of breast cancer.


    All Greensbury chickens are fed a grain-based, 100% organic diet rich with vitamins and minerals,     never receiving synthetic growth hormones or antibiotics. It’s especially important that no     Greensbury chicken receives antibiotics because antibiotics fail to eliminate bacteria like     campylobacter, which causes food-borne illness. Therefore, ailing chickens that receive antibiotics     and stay on the market may still contain harmful bacteria.

    Our chicken contains no artificial ingredients, preservatives, solutions, or injections. When you eat     Greensbury chicken, you receive pure, humanely-raised poultry, just the way nature intended it.


    All Greensbury pork is pasture-raised, with natural access to vitamins, minerals, and high-quality     grains, receiving a 100% certified organic diet. Not only does this produce better-tasting, savory     meat, it means you won’t be exposed to chemical pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics. Greensbury     pork is also free of nitrates, which damage lung tissue when ingested by humans. With regular     access to outdoors and a natural living environment, Greensbury pork is safe from the variety of     dangerous bacteria that breed in close-quarters factory-farms.

    An excellent source of protein, organic pork also provides six essential vitamins: Thiamin, 65%     RDA, Riboflavin, 22% RDA, Niacin, 47% RDA, Vitamin B6, 24% RDA, Vitamin B12, 38% RDA, and     Pantothenate, 10% RDA, as well as four important minerals: Phosphorous, 22% RDA, Magnesium,     10% RDA, Iron, 9% RDA, and Zinc, 36% RDA.

    When it comes to Greensbury sausage, all the spices and ingredients we use are approved for     organic processing by the USDA's National Organic Program and certified organic, whenever     possible. To ensure the unique quality of our pork, we test our facilities far beyond the USDA     requirements.


    All Greensbury seafood products meet the highest sustainability standards as we only carry     seafood that is approved by the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch. These products take into account     key issues of sustainably raised seafood including the inherent vulnerability of the species to     fishing pressure, the status of the species population, the effect of fishing practices on habitats and     ecosystems, the effectiveness of the fishery management, the impacts of escaped farmed fish to     wild fish, and the impacts of disease and parasite transfer to wild fish.

    All of our Scallops are MSC certified and 100% chemical free, and our Halibut is long-line caught     and is harvested and processed by APICDA, a non-profit, community development group. Finally,     our Sockeye is certified as a sustainable product of Alaska by the Responsible Fishery     Management and processed by the Alaska Native Community Development Association.

    Skilled, Individual Processing

    All Greensbury meats are hand-trimmed by expert butchers so they arrive perfectly proportioned     and ready to cook. Knowing exactly when and how to cut the meat, Greensbury butchers pay close     attention to details such as slicing with or against the grain for optimal steaks and chops.


    Sourcing our food from sustainable, American, family-owned farms is a top priority at Greensbury.     By purchasing from these farms, we know exactly where our food is coming from and what it’s     being fed, and we’re able to work closely with our farmers on a continued basis to make sure they     have all the support they need to maintain Greensbury’s unique standards.

    By purchasing from American farms, we strengthen American communities. Stronger     communities lead to a healthier environment, which in turn translates to higher-quality food. In     short, we understand that purchasing from American farms, taking care of our environment, and     producing high-quality food are inseparably linked; therefore, we place the appropriate emphasis     on every element of that equation.

    Expert Freezing and Packaging

    All Greensbury products are flash-frozen at the peak of their flavor and freshness, perfectly     preserving its optimum taste and texture for months. To enjoy the same flavor from an unfrozen     food item, you would have to eat it on the exact day that it peaks.

    After this strategic freezing process, the products are cry-vac packaged to preserve freshness,     flavor, and juiciness, as well as natural vitamins and minerals. Carefully hand-packaging every     order ensures product consistency and accuracy, and all Greensbury products are guaranteed to     maintain for up to six months in your freezer.

    Grade-A Customer Service

    As much as we care about protecting and improving food quality, the environment, and animal     welfare, we also care deeply about our customers. We know that you could purchase food at your     local supermarket, but choose Greensbury instead because you share the same values that we do.     We appreciate that choice, and do everything we can to show it. Our customers are part of the     Greensbury community, and we make sure our community is taken care of. If you have any     questions, concerns, or recommendations, please contact us directly at, and be sure to share your favorite recipe or article on our     community page.