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About Us

Greensbury is a modern-day market specializing in healthy, great-tasting, certified organic meats. Launched in 2008, Greensbury is the vision of a few “meat guys” with more than a decade of experience in gourmet food distribution. We believe in supporting sustainable agriculture, family farms, and organic practices that produce healthy, environmentally friendly food. We’ve traveled all over the country to find meats that are not only organic, but also tender, juicy, and delicious. We’ve visited dozens of farms and built relationships with farmers who do things the old fashioned way - meaning they take care of the land and humanely raise animals without antibiotics, synthetic hormones, or synthetic pesticides.

Through our travels, we’ve realized many people would like to get their meats directly from farms that do things the right way. But not everyone has the time to make lengthy trips out to the farm, or even to make weekly trips to the farmers’ market to get their meats. Greensbury Market makes it easy for everyone to shop for premium-quality meats that also are good for the environment. Greensbury is committed to working in partnership with both our customers and our farmers to bring more sustainably raised, delicious, healthy organic meats to more doorsteps in more regions across the U.S.

Simply said, our goal at Greensbury is to bring our customers peace of mind and great taste…always selected according to Greensbury’s passionate standards for quality organic meats.